Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here Today, On Tomorrow

I’ve been a little under the weather today but with just minutes until the start of primetime, things are starting to turn around. Tonight, look for the return of ABC’s Laugh On Wednesdays with one of the finest and funniest television shows ever, Modern Family. ABC also debuts is new legal drama, The Whole Truth staring a Grech favourite, Maura Tierney. Over at NBC, J.J. Abrams unleashes his latest creation with the Boris Kodjoe sexified, Undercovers about a sexy husband/wife duo who are secret undercover agents. Sexy fighting ensues.

In the meantime, here is your break down for what’s in store for tomorrow night.

New Shows

My Generation (8pm ABC)
$#*! My Dad Says (8:30pm CBS)
Outsourced (9:30pm NBC)

Returning Shows

Grey’s Anatomy (9pm ABC)
Private Practice (10pm ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (8pm CBS)
CSI (9pm CBS)
The Mentalist (10pm CBS)
Community (8pm NBC)
30 Rock (8:30pm NBC)
The Office (9pm NBC)
Bones (8pm FOX)
Fringe (9pm FOX)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Good Night Mr. Schu

Oh sleep! How I long for you. It has been a long night of crying, laughing and singing. Love the new kids on Glee and can't wait to see more of Cheyenne Jackson. Yum. Modern Family The Reurn tomorrow! Yay!

Sleep well children.

New Shows

Better Than You (8:30pm ABC)
The Whole Truth (10pm ABC)
The Defenders (10pm CBS)
Undercovers (8pm NBC)

Returning Shows

The Middle (8pm ABC)
Modern Family (9pm ABC)
Cougar Town (9:30pm ABC)
Criminal Minds (9pm CBS)
Law & Order:SVU (9pm NBC)
Hells Kitchen (9pm FOX)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Shoot Outs, Airplanes and Hot Boy's. Oh My!

Okay, so I have questions. Lots of them. Like WTF was that ball of blue energy that swallowed the plane and who or what is Sophia? There may be questions but I am far from lost…who am I kidding, I’m totally LOST (tear). All joking aside, The Event gave a really solid performance tonight. Jason Ritter has never really blown me away in anything previous to this but I was pleasantly surprised by his action hero-esq performance. And Blair Underwood was more then fine as the sexy Cubano-Americano El-Presedente Elias Martinez. The Event definitely takes the top spot on my Show of the Season debate but the week is young so stay tuned. In the mean time….Say hello to the boys of Hawaii Five-O

It’s a bromance at CBS and these guys aren’t only HOT but they have fantastic chemistry. I must admit at times the cheese factor was a little high but I instantly fell in love with Scott Caan’s, Danny Williams! Grace Park took some warming up too but in the end I absolutely loved this girls spunk. I don’t know if I can commit to tuning in week after week but I can definitely see a full season order in Hawaii Five-O‘s future. Book’em Danno!

Glee. Is. The Event.

Just watched the first hour of Dancing with the Stars and I gotta say that I rather like that kid from Disney! And its 9:02pm and I am already asking myself, WHAT IS THE EVENT??? As for tomorrow, not the most exciting night of the week but there is a little something for everyone including…

Returning Shows

Glee (8pm FOX) - HALLELUJAH! Gleeks of the world rejoice the return of Glee is here! I’m looking forward to favourites like ‘Empire State’ and ‘Telephone’ getting the royal Gleekover! And of course I can’t wait to see what Jane Lynch has in store as the devilish Sue Sylvester!

NCIS (8pm CBS)
The Good Wife (10pm CBS)
The Biggest Loser (8pm NBC)

New Shows

Detroit 1-8-7 (10pm ABC)
Raising Hope (9pm FOX)
Running Wilde (9:30 FOX)

Ok, back to The Event. I’m interested. Confused but definitely interested.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Early Saturday morning I was up with the birds for a photo shoot with photographer Arlene Saysomsack at Brickworks in Toronto. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the location was awesome. This was my first photo shoot (besides having headshots taken) and I was really nervous at first but Arlene was phenomenal and made me feel so comfortable that I was able to let go of any insecurities I had and STRIKE A POSE!


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Night in the Bar: Monday Night on the Couch

Hello Everyone!

Before I start sipping on this tall Gin and Tonic I've made, I wanted to make sure you are having a wonderful weekend and that you are resting up because we are less than 48 hours away from a marathon week of TV premieres. Here’s a list of what to look forward too Monday night.

New Shows

Lone Star (9pm FOX) - This drama about an adorable young con man who is leading a double life has been compared to a personal favorite of mine, Dallas. Watch out for James Wolk who is in the running to be this seasons break out star! And just for the record, he can con me anytime.

Mike & Molly (9:30pm CBS)
Hawaii Five-O (10pm CBS)
The Event (9pm NBC)
Chase (9pm NBC)

Returning Shows

Dancing with the Stars (8pm ABC) - Watch your favourite celebrities, TV personalities, athletes and Bristol Palin dance, dance, dance their hearts out in hopes of winning the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy!

Castle (10pm ABC)
How I Met Your Mother (8pm CBS)
Rules of Engagement (8:30pm CBS)
Two and a Half Men (9pm CBS)
Chuck (8pm NBC)
House (8pm FOX)

Look for a full list of Tuesday’s premiere’s this Monday as well as my review of the nights events!

And now…my Gin and Tonic.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reality Check

Survivor: Nicaragua

So as I said last night, in honour of the 21st edition of Survivor I decided to jump on the bandwagon and watch as a group of strangers (and one Super Bowl winning NFL coach) try to outsmart each other and claim the million dollar prize. At first, I was excited to see that they changed things up with the mystical Golden Medallion of Power, but soon after things seemed to fall back into place as the teams were split into two tribes, Espada (Survivors over 40) and La Flor (Survivors under 30). The idea of pitting old vs. young was enticing at first but soon I realized that no matter how they change things up the dynamic between the contestants are always the same and until they come up with Survivor: Gay vs. Straight…..I’m just not that interested anymore.

Big Brother

Another summer season of Big Brother officially came to an end last night as Hayden became the 12th contestant to win the $500,000 prize. Sigh. My hopes for next season is that producers decided to throw another Big Brother All Star party and invite some of my favorite contestants from the past few seasons including Shelia & Ryan (BB9), Dan & Rennie (BB10), Russell & Jeff (BB11) and finally we can’t forget Enzo & Brittany (BB12). I wonder how Julie Chen would fair in the game of Big Brother?

The Apprentice

Tonight over on NBC the Donald offers up the latest season of his televised job interview, The Apprentice, as 16 eager hopefuls vie for the chance to run one of Trump’s multi billion dollar companies. AS IF! Tonight the show returns to its original format after three seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice. That being said...

Jersey Shore

Thursday nights are Jersey Shore nights on MTV Canada. I’m hooked. I’m disgusted. I’m excited. Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Premieres as Survivor Celebrates the Big 2-1

The very first Survivor finale aired on Wednesday, August 23, 2000 and crowned future federal inmate number 3787490, Richard Hatch, the Sole Survivor of the greatest television program ever. Or at least that’s what I thought as the naive fifteen year old that I was. I was obsessed with this show! Sick. Really, really sick.

The last time I tuned in for an exciting season of Survivor was eight years ago when Rupert and Johnny Fair Play first ventured into the jungle. However, I have decided that in honour of its 21st season I would tune in to see if I can outwit, outplay and outlast Survivors same old routine. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Just In...

Good Evening and welcome to THIS JUST IN... I'm Todd Silver and these are your top stories.

Canada’s ‘prince of pot’ Marc Emery was sentenced to five years in a US Federal prison this week after pleading guilty to a single count of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. Reporters asked Emery what his last meal will be before entering the big house. His response? Brownies.

After weeks of bargaining with authorities, the trapped miners in Chile have been granted their wish and received packs of cigarettes. The trapped men have also requested a bottle of whiskey and a fleet of prostitutes to help pass the time.

The Alberta government is concerned over an increase in wild deer diagnosed with Chronic Wasting Disease. Suggestions to help combat the outbreak include a national fundraiser and a telethon hosted by Bambi.

That's all the Breaking News for this evening. Join us next time for another riveting episode of, THIS JUST IN...

What's On, What's Off and Everything in Between: Part III

Everything In Between

$h*! My Dad Says

So, I’m really torn when it comes to CBS’s new haha, $h*! (pronounced BLEEP) My Dad Says. First of all, it comes from David Kohen and Max Mutchnick the hilarious duo that brought us Will & Grace. Based on a Twitter feed of the same name, it stars William Shatner as a grumpy old man who lives with his twentysomething son. The show also stars the hilarious and often under used, Nicole Sullivan who delivers some decent laughs with co-star (and former MadTV cast mate) Will Sasso. I don’t buy the father/son banter between Ed and son Henry, and none of Shatner’s zingers caused me to LOL, but CBS is confident Captain Kirk and company will be able to help launch a whole new comedy block Thursday nights at 8, a timeslot occupied by Jeff Probst since 2001.

No Ordinary Family

This new superhero series from one of my favourite television producers, Greg Berlanti, follows the lives of a typical American family after their plane crashes in the Amazon River and they all gain some sort of extraordinary power making them, No Ordinary Family. Interesting? Not too sure. From what information I could peel away from the shows extended trailer, there are no obstacles for these people other then learning to cope with their new found abilities in their day to day lives. Mom has speed, Dad has strength and agility and the kids get book smarts and that thing Mel Gibson got in ‘What Women Want’. There is no mention of a super villain or a government conspiracy or any need for these characters to hide or use their special skills. I am definitely going to give the pilot of No Ordinary Family my full attention when it premieres on September 28 and hope that there is more to this story then they’re letting on. With Glee as its major competition, No Ordinary Family is going to have to kick some major ass if they hope to keep people from drifting off to the musical hallways of McKinley High.

Hawaii Five-O

CBS is looking to the past to heat up its Monday night schedule this fall with the revival of its classic crime drama, Hawaii Five-O. The original series ran for twelve seasons back in the late sixties and seventies and starred Jack Lord as the ruggedly handsome Detective Steve McGarrett. This time around, Detective McGarrett is portrayed by one of Australia’s sexiest exports, Alex O’Loughlin who was last seen at the bottom of the box office in Jennifer Lopez’s baby blunder, 'The Back-up Plan'. Rounding out the cast of beach bums with badges are Scott Cann, Daniel Dae Kim (who I am so excited to see working again after last May’s LOST finale) and the ever lovely, Jean Smart. With a new batch of bad guys to catch every week I’m afraid that once the sunsets in Honolulu, Hawaii Five-O will follow the path of the Criminal Mind’s and NCIS’s of the world as just another CBS police procedural.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Golden Spin-off

I recently got my boyfriend hooked on The Golden Grils, the iconic 80’s sitcom that stared Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty. The show debuted in 1985 on NBC and became an instant ratings success, drawing in an average 20 million viewers for most of its seven season run. In 1992, after 180 episodes, Bea Arthur decided it was time for her to move on and NBC cancelled the series. However, CBS saw an opportunity and approached the shows remaining cast and creator, Susan Harris, about a possible spin-off.

On September 18, 1992 The Golden Palace debut on CBS. It followed Rose, Blanch and Sophia as they sell their home and buy a hotel in Miami, The Golden Palace. It was managed by a young Don Cheadle who lived in the hotel with his tween foster son, Oliver and Cheech Marin as the hotel chief, Chuy Castillos, who teams up with Sophia in the kitchen. Even Dorothy manages to drop by a couple of times in the series twenty-four episode run.

Oh well, I guess you can’t fault them for trying.

Here are a few other possible Golden Girls spin-off’s I came up with.

Blanch’s Boudoir

I liked the whole hotel idea The Golden Palace had going on, and the chemistry between Blanch and Don Cheadle’s character, Roland was actually funny sometimes. But in the end the idea as a whole just didn’t work. Blanch was a passionate, strong character and it would have been fun to see her manage her own hotel, without the distraction of Rose and Sophia. With the addition of two or three dynamic supporting characters and a legitimate love interest, Blanch’s Boudoir could have been open for business for seasons to come.

Rose For Mayor

After a tornado brings chaos and destruction to St. Olaf, Minnesota, Rose returns to her hometown and is elected Mayor after she proves to be a great asset to the towns clean-up efforts. She is moved into a castle and is treated like Norwegian Royalty. Ok, so I didn’t say they would be great spin-off idea’s but it would have been funny to watch Rose return to that crazy town in Minnesota.

House of Hollingsworth

After her wedding to Blanche’s uncle, Lucas Hollingsworth, Dorothy moves to his plantation in Atlanta, Georgia where she becomes lady of the manor. They are joined by Lucas’s needy children and a chatty lady neighbour with whom Dorothy easily makes friends. Bea Arthur and Leslie Nielsen worked so well together in those final episodes of The Golden Girls it would have been great to see them develop a husband/wife comedy together. With her raspy voice and perfect comedic timing, any show staring Bea Arthur would have been a hit in my book. And then there’s Maude!

Embrace Your Beauty

So I had decided last night after watching the CW’s latest 90’s reboot, Nikita, that it was best that I take some time to reflect and sleep on the events that unfolded during the nine o’clock hour. After all there is only so much my brain can absorb. Between the stunningly perfect Maggie Q to the parade of familiar faces from TV past to all the twists and turns in an attempt to out smart Division, I was definitely in need of some R & R before getting down to business.

Now, there are few shows (The O.C, Ugly Betty, Glee) that I have instantly fallen in love with, but when it happens, its magic. Sadly, Nikita was not one of those shows. Don’t get me wrong, Nikita was far from awful, it was actually high octane, good quality entertainment. A strong cast led by and even stronger lead, fairly decent writing and the over all quality of the show was great. Its the “been there, done that” factor that wavers my decision between Good TV and Outstanding TV.

Knowing Nikita was a remake of the popular 90’s series and movies, I made sure to go into it with an open mind clear of any judgements, and that plan worked, right up until we found out that Nikita’s boyfriend Daniel, was killed ala Division and thus took me right back to that night in 2001 when I cried along side Sydney Bristow as she held her fiancĂ© Danny’s bloody corpse in her arms, slain by the very people she thought she was working for! It was this action that propels Sydney’s…I mean Nikita’s plan into action. Her mission: take down Division from the inside out! So it may not be a carbon copy of the original and there may be a few similarities to ABC’s former spy drama Alias, that being said, the new Nikita packs enough punch to set it aside from any gun tooting, ass kicking femme fatal past.

Part of the charm that Nikita (the show not the character) had was the home sweet home feeling I got upon seeing some of my old TV friends like Julie Cooper, Dr. Ray Barnett and George Mason (who was last seen saving the world on 24). Lyndsay Fonseca, who has come a long way since her days in Genoa City, actually managed to keep me interested with her ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude. I actually found myself rooting for her. And I must give kudos to the person who cast Maggie Q as the sexy and (CW certified) fierce Nikita!
Above all else, this show definitely delivered with a good story, well developed three dimensional characters and a healthy competitive timeslot with a great lead-in. Hopefully, once CSI and Grey’s Anatomy find there way back from summer hiatus, viewers will have realized that shows about doctors and forensic examiners are soooo last decade!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The End of the World

On April 2, 1956 CBS debuted one of TV's longest running series, As The World Turns. Now 54 years and more the 13,000 episodes later we say good-bye to the residents of Oakdale. ATWT helped to launch the careers of several Hollywood big shots including Julianne Moore and Meg Ryan to name a few. The show also made history when it introduces the first gay male character on American soap opera's in 1988 and went even further in 2007 with the first male on male kiss in daytime. With only five episodes left before the end, be sure to tune in all next week as the world says so long to As The World Turns.

What's On, What's Off and Everything in Between: Part II

What’s Off


No TV season would be complete without the traditional and way over rated Jerry Bruckheimer police procedural. Mr. Bruckheimer hasn’t had a TV success story since he brought the CSI team to New York City in 2003 and I don’t think it will be very difficult to chase his latest baby out the door. Chase follows an elite team of US Marshalls as they run around southern Texas fighting bad guys all while baby sitting the original Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald. This show has girl power written all over it as series lead Kelli Giddish kicks some major testosterone in the pilot. With Nikita and the hot chick from Undercovers vying to be this seasons Toughest Chick, I doubt this action packed dud will keep people from flipping the channel to the sandy shores of Hawaii Five-O.


The original concept for this show was a reality series, think The Apprentice with lawyers. Instead, CBS asked that the show be reformatted into a scripted series about two cocky, male defence attorneys and thus we have The Defenders. Maybe its me but after eight unnecessary seasons of According to Jim are we really ready for more Jim Belushi? Jerry O’Connell has popped up here and there over the past few seasons with forgettable shows like Carpoolers and Do Not Disturb. Remember those? I didn’t think so. I was happy to see that Natalie Zea has found her way onto another fall series, unfortunately she’s latched her star to another a sinking ship. So, will The Defenders be able to fight their way to our season finale and claim the $250,000 prize and a contract with America’s top law firm or will they find themselves facing judgement under the gavel? Find out next time on, The Defenders! That would have worked so much better.


ABC had quite the season last year launching a successful comedy block on Wednesday nights where as FOX hasn’t had a sitcom success since Arrested Development (and even that pot of gold couldn’t rein in viewership) in 2003. This year neither ABC nor FOX offers up anything too exciting in the comedy department. With both networks still living off the highs of last years successes Modern Family and Glee, don’t expect too much when Better With You and Raising Hope premiere later this month.
Better With You looked promising when it was unveiled last May at the annual network upfronts. Starring Debra Jo Rupp (That 70’s Show) and Joanna Garcia (Reba, Privileged) this cozy, couples comedy fell short of funny when promo’s began airing last spring. Unfortunately Jennifer Finnigan and Josh Cooke weren’t funny as a couple on NBC’s Committed back in 2005 and they certainly aren’t funny now.
As for Raising Hope, the premise is different (a teenage boy raises his daughter with the help of his trailer park family) but that’s pretty much all this show has going for it other then the occasional laugh from the always funny, Cloris Leachman. Obviously we can’t be blessed with a hit comedy every season, after all, a good laugh is hard to come by, and if its a laughs you're looking for, then these are definitely two shows you are going to want to miss.

To Be Continued...

Good Morning Timmy!

Good morning everyone! Hope you have all recovered from the excitement of Hellcats last night. I must admit that I was up to well past my bedtime which caused me to miss the first two segments of The View this morning. But not to worry, I have my Tim Hortons coffee and I am ready to go for another Fall TV premiere tonight with Nikita on the CW.

The CW is really trying hard to push out its new fall shows ahead of the rest of the big networks, and its probably not a bad idea seeing as how both of the CW newbies are up against some heavy hitters like Criminal Minds, CSI and who could forget The Tired and The Boring.........sorry, I meant Grey's Anatomy.

So the question isn't really about weather audiences will come out for the big premiere but rather, will they stick around once Shemar Moore and Dr. Sleepy find their way back into their living rooms.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Forward and the CW's Answer to Glee

To tell you I actually tuned in to the premiere of America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15 would be a lie. Instead I watched as the last of my Big Brother favourites was evicted from the house, preparing me for yet another finale disappointment. Oh well. Luckily any such pain was numbed by the bottle of Jackson Triggs I had delved into in preparation for the WORLD PREMIERE of Hellcats!
Now, this may be the cabernet talking but it was actually better then I expected. There were a couple of promising storylines hidden beneath the cheesy dialogue, Gail O’Grady’s attempt at a Memphis accent and the fact that Lancer University has some seriously questionable co-ed bathing standards. As a whole the series was reminiscent of the early days of One Tree Hill, Peyton look-a-like and all. The cheerleading sequences were good, but not spectacular. Certainly not up to par with anything Rachel Berry could belt out. The beginnings of a tangled love triangle between Vanessa, Red Raymond and President Wayne Palmer are obviously foreshadowed for those of us with a more mature taste. However the twentysomething cast were nothing to brag about especially our uninteresting heroine, Marti Perkins who failed to sizzle as the hot pre-law student turned cheerleader in order to get a scholarship and stay in school in an attempt to beat fate and escape a life plagued with dead fathers and an alcoholic mother who works on campus. Ashley Tisdale’s Savannah was the only character to show any promise with her quick wittiness and questionable motives, she proved to be a clear frontrunner to be the next Summer Roberts or Blair Waldorf.
Yes, at times the show seemed a little too Glee familiar, especially with the “if you don’t place at regional’s, your program is cancelled” speech delivered by Canadian import Aaron Douglas (Yay Canada!) but there are a couple of area‘s the producers deserve a job well done. I am so glad they set the show in college and not some strange seven year high school where teens are played by 27-year-old actors who never age. That will allow for some interesting, more mature storylines that the writers will hopefully not shy away from. The CW has put some serious cash into marketing this show and scheduling it after America’s Next Top Model is a sure sign the network has high hopes for Hellcats. As for me, I’m gonna go finish this bottle of wine and watch Bring It On.

What's ON, What's Off and Everything in Between

What’s On

It’s been a little over three months since we saw the mysterious adventures conclude for Jack, Kate and Locke…or should I say, Not-Locke on ABC’s Lost. But the wait for the next suspenseful, epic drama is almost over. The Event, which has been one of this falls most talked about new shows, is set to premiere September 20th on NBC and surprisingly, it looks alright. Now I must admit that at first I wasn’t to excited for The Event, comparing it to the lacklustre Lost-esq attempts of the past couple of seasons, The Nine and FlashForward to name a few. Yes it has all the ingredients a show needs to succeed, an original (or better yet, unknown) premise, a talented cast including the likes of Jason Ritter, Laura Innes (the original Dr. House) and the ever so intoxicating, Blair Underwood as the President of the United States. The question is, will that be enough to draw audiences in to what could be a Pandora’s box of questions that are still seasons away from being answered?

So there really wasn’t much to pick from in the comedy department this fall. The task was deciding the lesser of all evils, and that honour went to none other then CBS’s Mike & Molly. Going against the typical, fat husband/skinny pretty wife, formula Mike & Molly shows potential to be a hit for the network. Melissa McCarthy, who has proven herself as the hilarious best friend in The Gilmore Girls and Samantha Who respectively, play’s Molly Flynn, a teacher who meet Chicago cop Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting and hilarity ensues. Throw in a couple of zany supporting character, a laugh track and BAM you have yourself a traditional style sitcom to join the ranks of its siblings The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men.

On September 13, 1990 NBC debuted its groundbreaking drama, Law & Order. Twenty year and five spin-offs later comes the latest instalment of the Dick Wolf series, Law & Order: LA which takes us to the sunny, steamy west coast where crime and punishment makes the New York criminal justice system feel like a walk on Manhattan Beach. I think the fact that the newest L&O series has been shroud in so much mystery has really added to the hype. With players like Skeet Ulrich, Terrence Howard and Alfred Molina at the helm of a fresh cast, and a Hollywood spin on the typical ripped from the headlines stories ala Dick Wolf, L&O:LA has the potential to give the old school formula a facelift for a whole new generation.

To Be Continued...

The Adam Grech Show: Ready. Set. TIVO!

The Adam Grech Show: Ready. Set. TIVO!: "Well, as I sit here wrapped in my thick, down comforter with my windows wide open, allowing my apartment to fill with the smell of the cris..."

Ready. Set. TIVO!

Well, as I sit here wrapped in my thick, down comforter with my windows wide open, allowing my apartment to fill with the smell of the crisp end of summer air, I can't help but feel sad for the warm weather past. Looking on the bright side however, with the change of the seasons, comes a batch of fresh new recruits to the fall TV landscape! Tonight we officially kick off the 2010/2011 Television Season as the CW breaks out of the gate first with the premiere of its aging signature reality series, America's Next Top Model. It also brings us an updated version of One Tree Hill (with a heaping dose of the Kirsten Dunst gem Bring It On) with Hellcats! Rrrrawwww! Don't get me wrong, I loved Bring It On (Oh Mickey your so fine your so fine you blow my mind Hey Mickey) but as a weekly series? I don't know. Then again, I'm far from the 13-24 year old female demographic they are trying to reach. We'll see if Hellcats manages to leave its mark or if it will live up to its name as a doomed, afterlife of feline proportions. Muhahahahahahahaaaa!