Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adam Nose Best: Part II

Timing is Everything

On Friday I was suddenly hit with a bad case of the flu. I spent the past two days bitching and complaining, wrapped in sweaters and blankets, sweating and shivering. Body aches, fever, headache, loss of appetite. Just gross. Pure, gross. This morning I decided that I should consult a doctor as I am less than 48 hours away from my scheduled Septoplasy/Rhinoplasty.

The doctor confirmed what I already knew. I have the flu and the beginnings of a throat infection. Her advise, drink lots of liquids, get plenty of rest, and cancel my surgery on Tuesday. WHAT?!?! There are several risks involved when undergoing surgery while fighting a viral infection, potential pneumonia, infection in the sinus cavity post-op. Even death.

Obviously this wasn’t exactly the news I was hoping for but at the end of the day it is what it is. I left a voice message with my surgeons office this morning. I should hear from them tomorrow and will get some more insight on this whole crazy scenario. As for right now, I’m off to Loblaws to pick up some ingredients to make a pot of homemade chicken soup.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adam Nose Best

There are events in your life that will always stay with you. Your fist day of school. Your first kiss. The death of a loved one. For me, the first time I broke my nose, is one of those moment.

Picture it. Toronto, 1994. I am in the basement with my brother who is playing an imaginary game of baseball. Jays vs. The Yankee’s. Toronto is down by 2, Ryan steps up to the plate, bases are loaded. This is it. This moment could change everything. Unaware of the intense game unfolding around me, I manage to step right behind Ryan as he swings a solid oak bat directly into the crook between my eye and nose. SNAP!

Next thing I know I am running up the stairs, screaming like an elderly woman who has had her purse stolen. I could feel the skin around my eye and nose tighten as a massive goose egg began to form over my right eyebrow. The pain was like nothing I had ever felt before. Like vibrations bouncing off the inner wall of my skull, it was as if the bat was sticking out of my head.

All things considered, I think I got off easy. That bat could have done much more damage. A bump and a few bruises, a band aid here an ice pack there, and a week later I was good as new. However there was one thing that I couldn’t help but notice, my nose was crooked! My nose! My big, giant nose….WAS CROOKED!

When I was eighteen I finally got the nerve to visit a plastic surgeon, one who came highly recommended by a friend. I remember sitting in the waiting room. It was such a beautiful office. The receptionist was beautiful, the doctor was beautiful. Even the other patients waiting to see the doctor were beautiful, as if the doctor had sent out a casting call for models to sit and wait. There was even a calming water fountain that made me feel like I was waiting to have a spa treatment. That all changed when I stepped into the doctors office and he started talking about reshaping, lifting and pinning back. He then proceeded to play a video of a woman undergoing rhinoplasty. There were hammers, and chisels, they even cut her nose away from her face and flipped it on to her forehead. It was at that moment I said thank you and showed myself out.

About a year ago I started experiencing very painful sinus headaches. They are like flashes of pain that come and go and could sometimes last several hours. Very uncomfortable. After several consultations with my doctor and two rounds of antibiotics, she suggested that I undergo a round of tests to see if there was something more going on. She sent me to St. Michael’s hospital where I did several tests including a breathing test where a very nice man stuck a long skinny tube into my nose. A few days later the results were in and as it turnes out, I have a deviated septum.

I shall explain for those of you who unfamiliar with this medical term. The septum is the partition that separates your nostrils inside your nose. For most people this partition runs straight up and down. In my case however, there is a piece of that partition that juts out into my nostril, causing a partial blockage which makes it difficult for my sinus’ to clear as they should which ultimately result in pressure build up or a sinus headache.

Ok, so I have a deviated septum, now what? Well, as my doctor explained, many people suffer with the same infliction which is easily corrected by a medical procedure known as a Septoplasty in which the piece of cartilage that juts into the nostril is surgically removed. She sent me to see a plastic surgeon at St. Joseph’s hospital. When I spoke with the doctor he said that the procedure is very common and should only last about 90 minutes. I asked him if this would change the shape of my nose and he said no, a septoplasty is an internal surgery that would not effect the way I look. Well, if I was going to have my nose cut up to correct a medical issue, I may as well see what my options are for correcting the shape of it. I informed the doctor of my previous experience with a plastic surgeon and the video he showed me and he assured me that this would not be as invasive. It is actually very straightforward. All he would do is brake the bridge of my nose and reset it on my face so that it is straight. Together, both procedures would take about 2 hours and would require about 2 weeks of recovery time before I would be able to get back into my regular routine.

Was this actually happening? Was I actually going to get a nose job? Well, here we are just two days before I go under the knife and it is starting to sink in that at this time next week, I will be black and blue, hoping it was all worth it.

Stay tuned. I will keep you posted.