Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not Happy in Life? Then Change It!

"If you are not happy with your life then stop complaining and fucking change it!" These are the words of a smart man. A man who knows what he wants and what he is going to do to get it. This not me.
It's a scary thought. To change your life, to make it your own. Well when you put it that way, it seems the only logical option. This is MY life and I should be doing with it what I want, not what is expected of me. This is why I have decided that starting TODAY... I am going to change my life. Turn it into the life I want it to be. I have goals. I have dreams and aspirations. What is stopping me from making this life the best it could possibly be? I know who..... Me, that's who.
Enough with the excusses. Enough with the pity party. Today and dawn of a new era. I will make this life THE BEST LIFE!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010



Glad you could make it out and welcome to my blog. My name is Adam and I can be found in the heart of downtown Toronto, what I would classify as the greatest city in North America! I never considered myself to be a blogger (even saying 'blogger' seems weird and inappropriate), however I recently came to the relization that everyone has a blog! So why shouldn't I?
The question is, what to blog about? Well, lets see...I am an actor, well, aspiring actor. I get around. Not in a whorish way, but litereally. I go places. I see movies, I gym, I go to bars, I audition, I dance at clubs, I tan at beaches, I go home to visit my family, I travel, I meet up with friends. Oh yeah, I also work. The usual. Nine to five. Cooshy...can't complain. I live in a shoe box. Not actually, but my apartment's small. Real small. But for one person, its comfortable. Lucky for me, I live with Mark. I love him. And we have a dog. Well not yet, but some day.
So what will I blog about you ask? I'm sure I'll figure it out.