Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Fashion First

Attended my very first fashion show last night. It was an extremely foggy one in Toronto, especially down at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where Bruno Ierullo showed his newest collection "The Last Rebel"! Had a great time. Wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was impressed. The fashion was very interesting and very bright and colourful but it was hot! As were a lot of the models. I was quite a ways from the runway but I can definitely spot a nice package when I see one ;)

Take a look at some candid shots I took. Not the greatest but it will do.

For more info on Bruno Ierullo or to take a look at more of his fantastic collection check out

Peace & Love.

Mr. Ewing

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank Goodness for The Young and the Restless

Maybe its me, but I have found no joy in the 2010/2011 television season. Not only do we lack any excitement, potential and worth wildness in 95% of new programs, but even returning shows such as Glee and ever fading Brothers & Sisters have failed to grasp my full attention. Appointment TV seems to be becoming a thing of the past.

Now not all hope is LOST (sad…still waiting to wake up and find Jack and others still fighting against the Dharma Initiative and the evil Smocke). Both of CBS’s freshmen comedy’s Mike & Molly and $#*& My Dad Says have really grown on me. Yes, sometimes they feel a little too “punch line” and not all characters have become personal favorites, but compared to the garbage that has been offered up this year, these two shows have definitely found a place in my weekly viewing schedule.

Early hopefuls such as The Event and Hawaii Five-O have completely fallen off my radar. As far as I know, Zombies-Aliens, led by Dr. Keri Weaver have invaded the Big Island while Blair Underwood and Alex O’Loughlin have found comfort living nude in a mud hut somewhere in Maui. A boy can only dream.

Even Glee, one of the most exciting and fresh new shows from last season has left a bad taste in my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I still tune in every week in the hopes of finding Kurt in a loving boy on boy relationship, but the overall story has faltered. It has become more of a “look what I can do” show then a “I hope we can pull this off” show. Reminds me very much of the sophomore season of The OC. Now that they know they’re cool, they’re kind of douchey.

At the end of the day I realize that not every season can be like that of 2004 or 2009 where we saw a flourish of fresh faces and bright ideas. And that is why God created the daytime drama. Though it in itself is slowly going the way of the pterodactyl I am still a huge fan of the hard work and dedication that goes into making a soap opera, not to mention all the cheating lovers, back stabbing fathers and drunken mothers who make my world turn. I know that even if the primetime line up is a dozy that I will always have the residents of Genoa City to turn to and lose myself in. Here’s to you Y&R. I love you more today then I did yesterday.