Friday, October 22, 2010

The Return

Hola, Bonjour and Hello! I am back from my extended hiatus. You would think that I was off on a white sandy beach some where sipping pina colada’s and licking sugar off cabaƱa boys. Unfortunately that was not the case. I seemed to come down with a case of REALITY! The most common symptom of Reality?…work! And the best cure for a sudden attack of Reality is a well deserved weekend!

To kick off this Saturday/Sunday combo, I recommend everyone take some time and listen to music. Whatever you like! Rock, Jazz, Pop, Religious radio…whatever! When it comes to tunes I have always been a picky eater. But my all time favorite band is The Killers. Recently, lead singer Brandon Flowers ventured out on his own with his debut solo album FLAMINGO!

As I am also a big fan of country music I very much appreciate the down south vibe Brandon gives off in many of his songs, especially ‘The Clock Was Tickin’! My suggestion to everyone who is looking for something that will remind them of something nice back home, check out Flamingo by Brandon Flowers!

Until next time….