Sunday, April 10, 2011

Adam Nose Best: Part II

Timing is Everything

On Friday I was suddenly hit with a bad case of the flu. I spent the past two days bitching and complaining, wrapped in sweaters and blankets, sweating and shivering. Body aches, fever, headache, loss of appetite. Just gross. Pure, gross. This morning I decided that I should consult a doctor as I am less than 48 hours away from my scheduled Septoplasy/Rhinoplasty.

The doctor confirmed what I already knew. I have the flu and the beginnings of a throat infection. Her advise, drink lots of liquids, get plenty of rest, and cancel my surgery on Tuesday. WHAT?!?! There are several risks involved when undergoing surgery while fighting a viral infection, potential pneumonia, infection in the sinus cavity post-op. Even death.

Obviously this wasn’t exactly the news I was hoping for but at the end of the day it is what it is. I left a voice message with my surgeons office this morning. I should hear from them tomorrow and will get some more insight on this whole crazy scenario. As for right now, I’m off to Loblaws to pick up some ingredients to make a pot of homemade chicken soup.

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